List of known OMG's

The motorcycle and car club scene in Southern Cal is growing and has globalized in recent years. They are not gangs, but many former gang members have got into them.
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List of known OMG's

Unread post by Sinner18 » January 26th, 2013, 5:08 pm

Here Is a list of known OMG's in America may be old and outdated if their are mistakes my apologies it's here for educational purpeses nothing more

Bandidos Founded 1966 in San Leon Texa's
The Breed 1968 Jersey City, New Jersey
Brother Speed 1969 Boise Idaho
Chosen Few 1959 Los Angeles Cali
Devils Diciples 1967 Fontana Cali
Diablos 1961 SanBernardino Cali
El Forastero Motorcycle Club 1962 Sioux City Iowa
Free Souls 1968 Eugene Oregan
Galloping Goose MC 1942 LA Cali
Drim Reapers 1958 Alberta Canada
Gypsy Joker MC 1956 San Fran Cali
Hangmen MC 1960 Richmond Cali
Hells Angels 1948 Fontana Cali
Hell's Lovers 1967 Chicago Illinois
Hessians 1968 Coasta Mesa Cali
Highwaymen 1954 Detroit Michagan
Invaders 1965 Gary Indiana
Iron Horsemen 1960 Cincinnati Ohio
Jus Brothers 1990 San Juaquin County Calif
Market Street Commandos 1940s San Fran Cali
Mongols 1969 Montebello Cali
OutCast 1969 Detroit Michigan
Outlaws 1935 McCook Illinois
Pagan's Prince Geroge's County Maryland
Peckerwood MC 1978 Santee Cali
Pissed of Bastards of Berdoo or Bloominton 1945 San bernardino county cali
Satan Soilder's 1980 Bronx newyork, Nj
Sin City Diciples 1966 Gary Indiana
Sons of Satan MC 1954 Lancaster Pennslyvania
Sons of Silence 1966 Niwol Colorado
Vagos 1965 San Bernardino CA
Warlocks 1967 Orlando Flordia
Wheels of Soul 1967 philly pennsylvania

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Re: List of known OMG's

Unread post by bumperjack » April 28th, 2014, 12:34 pm

Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs gangs have different politics,clubs you can part from the start and you need no heart you dont have to prove anything you just give basiclly a promise cowards run in packs ,Outlaws the majority are not 10% are 90% are not Now in the 50's 60's them guys were Outlaw M. Gangs actually in the 70's also,but believe someone that knows been. In it with the Vago's

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